360° Intelligent Video Conferencing

with built-in artificial intelligence

Katai’s live video conferencing solution is designed for convenient end-of-table mounting in huddle rooms. It combines 4K x 2K live panoramic video with built-in advanced AI that instantly analyzes over 1000 facial features to recognize users and provide active speaker/participant tracking in any light and at any angle.

The Katai Optical System

True 360° Video
Onboard AI

Katai powers diverse products that deliver high-quality, low-cost 360° video paired with artificial intelligence. A patented combination of proprietary optical technology and advanced AI enables live 360° video to be streamed from a single camera, eliminating the expense, complexity, and latency inherent in stitching video from multiple cameras.

DOD Pedigree

Protected by seven granted patents, the technology evolved from systems developed for DARPA and the US Department of Defense. With military DNA, the cameras are rugged, lightweight, portable, and even wearable, making them ideal for a range of applications.

Other Applications

Katai is a state-of-the-art system that is highly versatile and appropriate to a variety of markets beyond just video conferencing where high resolution, smart optics are necessary. As a truly connected device, with smart processing in the device itself (at the EDGE) Katai is drawing interest from partners in a number of markets such as: smart homes, driver safety, city surveillance, autonomous vehicles and next generation retail:

Smart Home
Home Security
Driver Safety
City Surveillance
Autonomous Vehicle
Nex Gen Retail
Smart Home

Smart home devices are revolutionizing the way we live. Katai is poised to make them even smarter with dazzling 360° video and superior spatial awareness.

Our system provides:

  • 360° 4K video
  • Enhanced spatial awareness
  • Built-in facial recognition for better security and video conferencing
Home Security

Cameras help catch criminals and deter crime, but grainy, low-resolution footage can be as useless as nothing at all. Producing a sharp, seamless view in all directions, a single Katai 360° camera provides better safety and peace of mind than a multitude of traditional security cameras.

Our system provides:

  • Live ultra-sharp 4K video
  • No distortion or seam-stitching, true 360° view from a single camera
  • Ultra-low latency smooth streaming
  • One 360° camera can take the place of several traditional cameras
Driver Safety

Katai’s built-in AI technology provides powerful insights to help recognize road hazards and provides a full 360° of driver safety and security. When installed in fleet vehicles, Katai 360° cameras benefit companies by improving driver safety and accountability, and by reducing accident liability and employee fraud.

Our mirror-mounted camera features:

  • Automatic software-based privacy shields
  • LTE cellular video streaming for live monitoring
  • Intrusion alarms
  • Edge AI for intelligent monitoring
City Surveillance

Modern cities need effective, intelligent solutions for crime prevention and emergency response. Katai’s Live 360° network cameras reduce blind spots and provide industry-leading video quality to our cities’ first responders.

Our system provides:

  • 12+ megapixel camera sensor
  • Live panoramic frames up to 9000 × 1080 at 30fps
  • Built-in object detection and tracking
  • Simple network discovery with other IoT devices
Autonomous Vehicle

Katai’s autonomous vehicle solution uses two 360° cameras to do the work of several conventional cameras.

Our system provides:

  • Simplified ego motion estimation and self-localization by eliminating the need for individual camera calibration
  • Improved collision avoidance that comes with higher resolution and less latency
  • Better high-speed autonomy, thanks to higher frame rates than LIDAR
Nex Gen Retail

Thanks to Katai's groundbreaking combination of distortion-free 360° video, advanced facial recognition, and built-in artificial intelligence, the future of retail shopping will be checkout-free.

By eliminating the need for lines and slow transactions, shoppers get a faster, more convenient shopping experience, while retailers benefit from better inventory control and more effective loss-prevention.


Headquartered in Boston, Katai is the leader in 360° computational cameras. The company is led by a team of veteran entrepreneurs and technologists and has been granted seven patents with an additional pending.

Raghu Menon


An accomplished computer scientist with over 23 years of experience in the high-tech camera industry, Raghu Menon has secured multiple federal grants from DARPA, NSA, and US defense agencies.

Raghu’s breadth of experience covers developing 360° imaging systems for defense and commercial applications as well as structuring and closing deals with OEM partners. He has conceived many inventions and published research papers on 360° imaging.

Raghu received his MS and PhD in electrical and computer engineering from SUNY Buffalo.

Perry LaForge


A 35-year veteran of the high-tech and wireless industries, Perry LaForge played a key role in the worldwide rollout of 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE. As part of that effort, he helped manage the launch and funding of Qualcomm and then led the expansion of the CDMA wireless system. Perry founded the CDG, a leading trade organization that helped pioneer the advancement of digital cellular markets, and also served as founder/MD of PRTM Consulting’s telecom practice. While at PRTM he served as GM for the fastest growing company in the history of NASDAQ.

Perry received his BS in engineering, magna cum laude, from Santa Clara University and his MBA from Dartmouth.